Turing by the Numbers & What I Learned Other Than Programming

I graduated from Turing a full 5 days ago and have since moved across the country, started to look for my first web dev job, and made goals around community, tech skills to hone over the coming weeks, and personal projects to focus on. I’m not entirely sure how to digest the experience, so here’s a first attempt at thinking about a few pieces of it.

By the Numbers

  • 2,077: Git commits

Things I learned other than Programming

Turing turns people into software developers. That’s what we were all there for, and I accomplished that, certainly, but Turing is also more than that. It’s a community that focuses on turning out developers who are also humans with soft skills.

Turing didn’t actually teach me how to do any of these things for the first time, but they sure made me better at it.

  • Public Speaking — We give lightning talks. We teach student led sessions. We lead group retros. We talk to our peers with a microphone in our hands until it feels like no big deal.

Senior Software Engineer | www.adriennedomingus.com

Senior Software Engineer | www.adriennedomingus.com