• Contributing to open source. I’m hoping to find a project or two I’m excited about that I can be consistent with.
  • Mentoring. I do this as a Turing School alum, but would love to find more ways to get involved locally. Coding feels like a superpower that anyone can learn, and I’d like to share that.
  • Calling my Senators and House Representatives. Yes, I live in one of the blue-est states and they likely agree with me, but it can’t hurt.
  • Volunteering. Justin and I are currently working with Outdoors for All. We’re considering starting to foster once we’ve got more than 500 square feet, hopefully this summer. (If you or someone you know has fostered, we’d love to hear about your experience, especially if you’re in the Seattle area).
  • Write. It is good for my own learning, if anyone else gets anything from it, all the better.



Senior Software Engineer |

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